Should I Go to My High School Reunion? Yes!

Has it already been 10 years? Yes, you really are that old now. But I can promise you only two things. Everyone else is 10 years older as well. And the experience of seeing your classmates after a decade will not be anything like you imagined it would be.

If you are a guy like me, you no longer weigh 135 lbs soaking wet or spend 20 minutes in the bathroom grooming your hair like a rock star. You probably have less hair and more weight. That’s the bad news. The good news is, you are not alone. We’re all in the same boat, so do yourself a favor and do not be self-conscious about it.

This is not your prom but it makes everyone equally anxious. That’s natural. In fact, the experience is quite cathartic. You will realize that everyone has grown up and become someone very different than you remember.

Tips for a successful Class Reunion.

-Get in touch with the organizers of the reunion. They will provide you with the times and places of the event well in advance. This will allow them to know how many classmates they can expect and who has already been contacted by them.

-Who are you going to take with you? Call one of your old friends and see if you might want to go together. This approach will alleviate many unfounded fears of being alone.

-Be yourself. You’re not running for public office. Your fellow classmates are not interested in what kind of car you drive or how much you paid in taxes last year. They will want to know how you are, not how successful you are.

-This isn’t a fashion show, but dress nicely. Despite what you may believe going into it, you are not going to hook up with that person you always wanted to ask out, but never did.

-If you drink alcohol, don’t drink too much. I cannot stress this one enough. You have not seen most of these people in 10 years and in all likelihood, you won’t see them again for another 10 years. If you get hammered and make a fool out of yourself, that is all anyone will remember and talk about until the 20-year reunion.

While you may be afraid that you will be confronted by that person that you dread seeing, you will actually find most everyone quite happy to see you. You may not realize it now, but the only regret you will have is if you do not go. You will leave thankful that you made the effort. It puts the high school experience in a new light that has allowed for a completely new perspective that only comes with time. So go and have fun!

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