How to get an Emergency Teacher Certification

To cope with the shortage of teachers in the 1980s, emergency teaching certificates were distributed in the United States of America. The term ‘emergency teacher certificate’ is now referred to as an ‘alternative route’. If a person intends to become a teacher by following an alternative route, s/he has to fulfill certain criteria set by the state government. California, New Jersey, and Texas are the states which provide the training and certification for emergency teaching. Furthermore, they also assign the teachers to different schools and colleges, according to the emerging requirements for education.


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    First of all, you have to complete your bachelor’s programme. It will be better for you to study the courses that will help you the most in your teaching career. Usually, English, mathematics, and general science are considered the most helpful courses in the teaching profession. However, you can study other courses as well, if you want.

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    You must know that the emergency teacher certificate is the  combined attempt of different educational institutions for testing, higher education, and state licensing. Furthermore, the local school district is also involved in the procedure. After completing your bachelor’s programme, you must gather all your documents, including professional and personal references, so as to save time and speed up the process of making further advancements in your career.

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    In order to get the certification, you will have to pass a test. Therefore, you must prepare well for the exam, otherwise you will not receive your certificate. The policies of certification tend to vary in every state. So, you must prepare for the exam in accordance with the requirements of your state.

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    Most of the emergency teacher certificates are offered by California. Furthermore, the test conducted by the state of California is called the CBEST.

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    After passing the test, submit all the documents along with your exam result to get your certificate. Then, you may apply for a teaching job in any public or private school.

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