What is a Computer Network and what is Its Purpose

A computer network is essentially a group of computers that are connected to each other so that they can share information and files amongst each other. Most companies have a computer networks to help process information and allow their employees to work efficiently. A computer network can consist of just two computers all the way up to thousands. Being able to share files, printers and other components is a key feature of having a computer network. The ability to easily expand as your needs grow is a direct benefit of having a computer network.


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    Increased access to important files and data is one of the major purposes of having a computer network. Employees working on large projects can access other important information being developed by someone else without having to physically acquire the data.

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    Shared system:

    Having the ability to be able to share data, files or information within a computer network is the core purpose of this system. You can also use components like printers, faxes and scanners which sit on the computer network but do not necessarily have to be connected directly to your computer.

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    Space saving:

    Data can consist of a multitude of information. This information takes up a large amount of space on various storage devices like hard drives. Instead of everyone on a computer network storing their own information locally a shared storage system is developed to alleviate the need for independent storage.

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    Cost effective:

    Having a reduced need for local storage allows for terminal type computers to be attached to a computer network. The major cost being the server which is the core of the computer network as the terminals all attach to this device. The server contains the majority of storage space and having the ability to attach simple terminals can be cost effective.

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    Data safety:

    Since data is not stored locally on each individual computer, the safety and backup facilities that a computer network provides is crucial for most companies. For example is a particular computer on the network goes down for some reason, the data or information is already safely stored on the server and thus it is safe and easy to access without any hassles.

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    As the internet has allowed for multiple computer networks to connect with each other all over the world, having a computer network has opened many opportunities for business, sharing information and data access. The internet has also provided a unique opportunity for companies to connect their various computer networks across different platforms for increased productivity.

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