What Does a Decathlon Consist Of

In 1912, first ever modern-day Olympic decathlon event took place. These games were held in Stockholm, Sweden and the first Olympic decathlon winner was Jim Thorpe from United States of America. A decathlon consists of series of event which the participant would need to perform in. There are total of ten events which a person needs to participate. Remember that this 10-event competition is held in two days. In the first day there are five games which are 100 meter dash, long jump, shot put, high jump and 400 meter run. On the second day the participant takes part in 110 meter hurdles, discus, pole vault, javelin and 1500 meter run.


  • 1

    100 Meter Dash

    This event measures an athlete’s basic strength and speed and usually consists of three to eight runners.

  • 2

    Long Jump

    Here the athlete’s mission is to jump as far as he can in three attempts.

  • 3

    Shot Put

    You need to put an iron bar which is around 16 pounds heavy. The athlete stays in a circle which is seven feet wide.

  • 4

    High Jump

    In this event, an athlete leaps over the bar with pushing off one foot.

  • 5

    400 Meter Run

    This event seeks the endurance and speed of an athlete. Every runner stays in their respective lane in this game.

  • 6

    110 Meter Hurdle

    In this running sport, an athlete jump over 10 barriers which are placed 10 yards away from each other.

  • 7

    Discus Throw

    You throw an 8 ¼ inch diameter disc which is required to land inside 40 degrees sector.

  • 8

    Pole Vault

    In this spot, an athlete uses a pole to swing over the cross bar. This pole is about 14 to 15 feet long.

  • 9

    Javelin Throw

    An athlete throws an 800 gram javelin which is eight and half feet long. Remember that when an athlete throws a javelin, he is not permitted to step out of arc or he will commit a foul. Best score among three attempts is chosen.

  • 10

    1500 Meter Run

    This event is the longest event in the decathlon. A runner makes 3 ¾ laps of 400 meter track on the field.

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