Homeschool – Free 5th Grade Math Lesson Plans

Homeschooling 5th grade can be pretty overwhelming. What should you teach? How should you teach it? In what order should you teach it? Many questions float around in our heads. You are not alone, I ask myself these questions all the time. I ran across this site searching Google for help on 5th Grade Lesson Plans. I have printed my entire homeschool year (math) off of this site. If you are homeschooling and don’t know which way to go, then I recommend you visit the following site.

Highline Advanced Math Program

This is a wonderful 5th grade math lesson plans site. I spent all day on this site printing out their material. I clicked on the link that says “First Year” and that took me to a page full of lessons. They have 25 lessons and 4 free weeks. You can take a lesson a week and that would average out about right. I think there are 36 weeks in the school year. But it all depends on how long you decide your homeschooling will be. In each lesson, they offer a lesson plan for that lesson, a couple of in class pages, a couple of homework pages, a guide or rules, and the answer sheet.

Highline was designed for classes with more than one child but you can easily use it for your homeschooler. A couple of the pages call for team work but it can be done on its own.

Highline also has a section of fractions and decimals to start you off. My child was suppose to learn fractions in the fourth grade. However, he was not taught fractions. So if you’re in the same boat that I’m in, then the fraction section would be good for you too. I plan to teach him fractions over this summer so that he will be ready come school year.

If you go back to the homepage you will see where it says “Practice Quizes”. That has a section full of quizes. The quizes are broken down in subjects. The subjects are:

  • Number Sense
  • Measurement
  • Geometry
  • Algebraic Sense
  • Probability and Statistics
  • Make a Table
  • Make a Picture
  • Guess and Check

All the quizes has answer sheets with them. They also break them down in categories; Easy, Moderate, and Hard. Since they have a big quiz section you won’t have to make your own test. You can use the quizes as test.

On the homepage on the left, you will see a link that says “Look up math term definitions”. This is a wonderful section that explains the different math definitions. It also shows examples in most of the definitions. I combined all of them and then printed them. I made my son a Math Vocabulary & Example book out of it. Now he will always have something to look back on when he needs a little help.

Highline Advance Math has a conversion section for measurement. So if you need a little help with a conversion just click the link and there you have it. They provide a list of all the units that you can convert.

Highline also provides Olympiad Tests, Washington State Math Olympiad Tests, and many written problems. They offer guides, answer sheets, and more with all of these sheets. They also offer Homework help. In this section you can look over class notes that will further explain problems. This section is very helpful if you or the child gets stuck.

Overall this is a wonderful site to print off Lesson Plans for your 5th Grade Homeschooling. I was very impressed with this site and I think you will be too.

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