How to Use Sign Language to Communicate

Sign language is an art that most of the people should learn. Many are of the opinion that this language is used by deaf and dumb only. Little do they know that nonverbal children, infants and toddlers can be taught the sign language so that their communication skills can improve.

The sign language has also helped the deaf and the dumb to interact with normal people. They find it easy to communicate with them through their hands and using expressions on their faces.  Therefore, normal people should also know how to communicate in sign language as it will be easier for them to communicate with such people.


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    Always start by learning the most important and useful signs. Don’t always start learning the language from scratch. Some of these words you learn might not be the building blocks towards the sign language, but at least you should know the ones which are the most important and you can use them on a daily basis. It is not important for you to know all the signs, but you should know the ones which you can use for important conversations.

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    Once you have learned the signs which are extremely important, you should use them often. Even if you are not using them on a daily basis, at least you should be using them once in a week or at least once in three days. That will help you remember most of them and you will be able to use them whenever necessary later on. Moreover, once you’re in full practice, you’ll be able to communicate quickly.

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    Always keep learning new signs. Don’t stop at the all-important ones. Obviously, you should start with those signs which you find important. However, it will be good for you if you first master the important ones and then keep adding to your sign language. This way you will be able to master the whole language eventually.

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    Always remember: practice makes perfect. Therefore, don’t ever stop practicing. However, what will really help you is the practical experience that you can gain only by communicating with people who already know the sign language. Therefore, whenever you find a person who can use the sign language, approach them and communicate with them through signs. With time you will be able to do quickly and soon you will be absolutely perfect. Therefore, never give up on your practice. It is important.

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