College Dorm Closing Procedures

At the end of the Spring semester, all college students go home, back to all of their friends and family. However closing procedures to clean our the dorm room for college students can be a real pain. For many students, all of their clothing will not fit in a car to go home. This is because along the way, college students buy clothing or other items from stores near the college campus.

Also, when college students go home for the vacations and holidays, they often bring with them even more clothing that they brought up on the first day of school. A great tip to make sure that everything can fit in your car when a college student goes home is to bring clothing home when students go home for a vacation break. For example, during Spring Break, bring home a lot of the winter clothing that you will no longer need because the weather will be warmer. If you have a winter jacket or winter boots these are great items to take home and they fewer items to bring home on the last day of school.

Still, there are other methods for dealing with closing dorm room procedures. You might want to seriously consider a moving van such a U-Haul truck. The U-Haul trucks are pretty cheap and a great way to bring all of the clothing and bags home. U-Haul trucks are also a great way to bring home bulky items such a refrigerators, microwaves, freezers, lighting stands, and computers. Most of these items won’t fit in any ordinary SUV or car that people drive.

You also have to factor in that there will be people in the car that you drive to pick up a college student and that decrease the amount of room in the vehicle. Also, keep in mind that before you drive up to pick up a college student, make sure that the car is empty and not filled with your belongings such as beach chairs. This will allow you to pack more bags and items into your vehicle.

Another idea is to rent an SUV or bigger car from a car dealer or borrow a friend’s car which is really big and can fit a lot of clothing and items.

Finally, I suggest that if you can’t fit all of your belongings or don’t want to rent a truck, you can always rent storage. Near the college campuses there are storage facilities that you can store your belongings such as lamps or computers that you won’t need again until you return to college in the fall. However, be advised that most of these storage facilities are pretty big and most of the time you will have to share the space with one of your friends. This will also help share the cost of the storage space.

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