What Is Barley and It?s Benefits

It is reputed to be the oldest cultivated grain. Barley was the main bread plant among Romans, Greeks and Hebrews in the past. The grain originated in Southeast Asia and Ethiopia. Barley is low in protein and fat and said to be rich in sugar and starch. It is also a good source for insoluble and soluble fiber, manganese, copper and phosphorus. It is simple to grow that is why reputed to be the most popular cereal crop. The color of the grain ranges from black to violet. It is the choice of many health conscious people and recommended by nutritionists worldwide. Barley is used in soups, stews, breads, distilled drinks and many other health foods. It has numerous health benefits, some of which are listed below.


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    For those of you who want to lose weight, barley is a craving suppressant. It is low in fat and reduced cravings for some types of foods. When you consume it you feel full and fills a person up, making them feel they have had a lot to eat.

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    As it is high in soluble fiber, it decreases the blood glucose and cholesterol levels in the body. The dietary fiber binds to the bile acid and goes out as feces. The consumption of barley also calms the bowls. The dietary fiber makes the digestive system smooth and maintains a healthy colon. It is also beneficial for woman as it helps them fight against gallstones formation.

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    It is a great source of zinc. Zinc is important for the human body as it has healing elements. It fastens the healing process of the injuries. It also has antioxidant properties which help to slow down signs of aging on the skin and aging of muscles.

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    The presence of copper in barley helps to reduce the symptoms of arthritis. The flexibility in blood vessels is maintained and joints and bones also stay strong.

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    For those who are suffering from diabetes, it can be a substitute for rice which is forbidden. It is a good breakfast choice for these people. It also reduces diabetes risk if you take it for breakfast regularly.

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    Barley also has niacin present in it. It reduces the risk of blood clots and cardiovascular diseases in the body. Barley is also beneficial in fevers and helps in clearing urine. It is usually used when there is simple diarrhea with fever.

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