Difference between Lavender and Lilac

Both being perennial flowers, lavender and lilac are one of the most well known in the world, especially for their amazing shades of purple. Instead of just being called purple, different shades in that colour are identified by terming them to be either lavender or lilac. Both plants are purplish-blue and have an amazing fragrant aroma.

Lavender flowers are much smaller when compared to those found on the lilac plant and they can tolerate high temperatures much more effectively. This plant can also survive in areas where the water conditions are not so high along with the fact that the smell of the lavender plant is much stronger and sensational as compared to the other. The smell or aroma is one of the biggest characteristics that separate a lavender plant from lilac flowers.

Hygiene products such as soap, body washes or shampoos are prone to have a lavender mixture due to the stronger smell as compared to lilac. The sweet aroma of lavender also makes it an excellent ingredient to extract oils which are used for massages and other things. Lavender is also much more versatile than lilac because of its use in cooking, fragrances and housekeeping as well. Many makeup products also use lavender instead of lilac, due to the stronger fragrance that is found in the plant.

The characteristic that makes lilac special is the size of the flowers as compared to those of the lavender plant. They are much bigger and blossom into a beautiful shape. These are definitely one of the most favourite flowers used by gardeners to beautify their landscape. While it may not have a strong aroma or be as versatile as lavender, the lilac flower makes up for those shortcomings by being the herb of choice in many gardens.


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    The lavender flower gives off a strong aroma and is especially versatile because of its use in fragrances and cooking oils. You can find many products that contain lavender as the pleasant smell gives the feeling of being clean and fresh. It is a much more durable flower that can resist high temperatures and low water conditions.

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    Lilac is another flower which has a purplish-blue look and due to its distinct petals and size of flowers, it is preferred by gardeners everywhere. Due to the beautification it provides to the landscape, it really sticks out in a group of others.

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