Difference Between Bing and Google

Undoubtedly, Bing has gained reasonable popularity among the world’s renowned search engine and has been giving quite a tough time to the number one contender, Google. Apart from the popularity issues, both of these search engines differ greatly. The major difference between Bing and Google is of assigning different weights to signals. These weights extremely affect the search results. Similarly, Google gives reasonable importance to the website linking as compared to Bing. Google is very good at identifying the most important page of any website and its crawler caches more than 100k web pages.


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    Bing was recently introduced by the Microsoft in 2009. The Microsoft Corporation has embedded the traits of MSN Search, Windows Live Search and Live Search in Bing. With its powerful launch and backing of one of the technology giants, Bing faced no difficulty in getting famous and earned the number two spot in no time.

    Following the footsteps of Google and keeping in mind the strong points of its toughest competitor, Bing has catered everything from web search to image, videos, news, MSN and maps. Not to mention that Bing has integrated with Outlook, previously known as Hotmail. The query section of the Bing search engine is quite fast and has added extra media features to the website.

    Not to mention the success of Bing translator that has been deployed by the world’s leading social media website, Facebook. Unlike other search engines, Bing adheres to the censorship requirements laid down by Chinese government.

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    On the other hand, Google is the world’s number one website. The multinational corporation is an American firm that has been dominating other search engines from a long time. Google was launched as a private company in 1998 but it went local in 2004. The Google crawler is one of the most reliable tools and refreshes the web pages every 24 hours.

    Previously, the crawler was limited to 100k but as Google expanded its operation, so did the cache of its crawler. Recently, Google has shifted its headquarter to California. Google has been the innovator in the world of technology. Google Maps is considered the most authentic and reliable source for people wishing to travel different areas.

    The billion dollar company Apple uses Google Maps in the iPhone series and has served many people to reach their destination safely.  It provides the facility to its users to connect with each other through Gmail or Google Plus.

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