How to Make a Match Rocket

Ever since you happen to know the matchstick, you would have seen people using it to light fire, heater, cigarette, stove and ovens. However, you might have never thought that a small matchstick can be used to make a small rocket. This rocket may not be strong enough to reach the space or even some height but enough to demonstrate the concept of rocket propulsion. For those who are in middle school and in search of ideas for a unique but simple science project ideas, making a match rocket can prove to be a good one. This is because it will involve minimum amount of time and expense . Besides, this simple match rocket will be something quite interesting for all others who might be seeing it for the first time or hardly have any idea about rocket science.

Things Required:
– 2 match sticks
– Aluminum Foil
– Sewing Needle
– Paper Clip


  • 1

    The Match and Needle

    In between your thumb and index finger tightly hold the match and the sewing needle together and wrap them both with a 1-inch square piece of aluminum foil. Make sure you fold the two firmly enough such that the needle does not slip through.

  • 2

    Removing the Needle

    Once you have tightly wrapped the match stick and needle together now slowly remove the needle. There will be some space or tunnel created by the needle which will act as exhaust for the rocket.

  • 3

    Making the launcher

    After that, make a launcher for your rocket with a help of paper clip such that it makes an angle of 45 degree with the horizontal. This will make the match stick look like a real rocket placed on a launcher.

  • 4


    Light the second match stick and bring it closer to the match wrapped in Aluminum foil making sure that you are not facing it.

  • 5

    The Rocket Flies

    As you will bring the burning match closer, the wrapped matchstick will go flying like a rocket.

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