How To Organize an Adult Literacy Program

Adult literacy programs have become necessary as aging people face considerable difficulties in maintaining a healthy life. They might have made wrong choices in their life and now find themselves at the receiving end of certain financial hardships, which they can only overcome if they enhance their reading and writing skills. Literacy programs have become a necessary practice in most communities as they aim to overcome some of the barriers faced by adults. Organizing one requires volunteering and sincere effort.


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    Determine whether the adult program is a necessity in your neighborhood.  If the crime rate is high or there is growing financial unrest in your area, it is important that you teach people the value of education. Perform a survey and gauge the response. Initially, the response may not be too encouraging, but make sure to persist with your intention. They survey will also help you assess what courses you need to start with.

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    Promote your program by printing brochures and request certain local authorities, including churches, to take part. Spreading awareness will surely help you, even if the initial turnout is low.

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    Now judge the skill level of each individual. That will help you narrow down the courses you need to prepare. Start with the very basic if possible. If you can pay personal attention, then do so as it will help you in later sessions. Prepare a method which everyone can follow. This will include variety of activities, ranging from audio and video clips, to writing sessions. Incorporate actions which can enhance certain skills from computing to reading. Make sure that the lecture solely takes into account the benefits from an adult's prospective. Teaching elementary material won’t help them.

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    Examine their progress.  Prepare tests before moving on to the next lecture.  Keep a record of every individual and check for regularity. Give them work which they need to do before coming for the next session. Furthermore, it is important that you incorporate a method of assessment where you inform them about the improvement they have made. That will motivate them to work harder on their skills.

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    Develop various strategies which could improve their reading and writing skills. Ask them to write about something which they can relate to before reading it out in front of everyone.

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