How to Get an Eye Exam

People put a lot of strain on their eyes while watching TV, staring at the computer or laptop screen, or while using their smartphones and tablets. Children in particular indulge in the aforementioned activities for prolonged periods, which consequently make it quite important for them to get an eye exam at least once every three years. Adults should take the exam in order to detect a problem in their vision before it gets worse.

In order to get an eye exam, it is imperative that you prepare yourself for it. There are also certain things that you should keep in mind while taking the exam in order to improve the accuracy of the results.


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    Before you get an eye exam, contact the company that you have purchased a health insurance plan from to check whether it covers some part of the eye exam or not. If it does, do not forget to bring your insurance card with you to the exam in order to have the charges trimmed.

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    Family’s medical history, especially one that involves eyes and vision-related problems, can help the doctor draw conclusive results from the eye exam. Therefore, try to ensure that you are well-informed about your family medical history before going for an eye exam.

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    If you are already on glasses or wear contact lenses, remember to write down their prescription. Make sure you bring your glasses or lenses, whatever it is that you normally wear, to the exam with you. If you are on any kind of eye medication such as eye drops, note them down as well.

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    Once the eye exam starts, make it a point to be completely honest with your doctor. If they ask you about your medical history, tell them everything, from eye problems that you had in the past, to any issues that you currently have.

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    The doctor will want to examine your eyes with a light. Follow the instructions regarding the position of your head and where to look at as he or she tries to thoroughly check your eyes for any apparent problems.

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    At some stage during the eye exam, the doctor will ask you to look through the phoropter to get a better idea of how good or bad your vision is. You will be required to honestly tell the doctor about your vision as he or she alternates the lenses in phoropter. Do not exaggerate or understate the effects of looking through a certain lens on your vision.

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