What is a Memory Stick and how do You Use It

There are many methods to save data from your PC using detachable storage gadgets such as a memory stick. Burning CDs and DVDs and using hard drive are some of other ways to store information. Storage sticks also known as the pen drivers are one of the fastest, most convenient methods to store together files, music and images from your laptop of desktop.

It is recommended not to take a chance with all your valuable information. Get in the habit of regularly creating a backup for the data on your computer. This can be done by using a pen drive to keep your details safe. You can back up your information, change the details with ease and take the information files with you if required urgently.


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    Memory devices were first launched in late 1990’s by Sony Inc, and were available in up to 256 MB of storage space on the device. The product became a huge success and thereafter companies like Samsung, Microsoft and Cannon also jumped into the market. Memory sticks are detachable flash memory devices that can be used to exchange images from cameras to your PC. They are also used to shop and exchange details in mobile phones and Playstation Portable (PSP).

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    In fact, Sony introduced many different types of memory devices, such as Storage Keep PRO, which has quicker exchange speeds; Storage Keep Duo, which is a smaller version of the memory stick; and Storage Keep Micro, which is even smaller than the Keep Duo. Memory devices have made transferring information files from your laptop or PC, photographic camera and mobile phone simpler and quicker, with more electronic storage room than old floppy disks and even DVDs.

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    Furthermore, it is very safe to transfer data from computer to memory sticks as it provides up to 16 GB of memory. The compact size also allows the users to keep it in the pocket or wallet which makes it a popular choice for those who are involved in frequent traveling.

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    Consider determining the size and memory of the memory stick you are looking to use. Memory sticks can be purchased from your local supermarket or electronic store. Attach it to your compute or laptop. From the desktop menu, click the My Computer and then click the external drive to access the memory. You can save your desired files, folders and images by using the Cut/Paste or Copy/Paste tool from your computer.

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