Multiple Intelligence Lesson Plan, Introduction to German Language

Lesson Plan using each of the Multiple Intelligences
Third grade students for introduction to the German language
Preparation: write only German body parts on board
Write English and German colors on board

Activity 1: Song
Kopf, Schulter, Knee, und fuss
Have students stand and repeat the actions and words
Sing the song with students several times
Have volunteers come up to the board and write English equivalent next to body part on board
Intelligences: (3, 4, 7)

Activity 2: Chart
Eye colors
Hold up pictures of green, blue and brown eyeballs. Say the names of the colors in English and German.
Hold up pictures of hair color, have students repeat the German colors.
Make Chart, have students select colored pieces of paper to match their own eyes and hair. Have students tape their pieces of paper onto the chart.
Ask students, which color of eyes is the most popular? Have them answer in German
Ask students, which hair color is most popular, least popular, etc.? Have them answer in German.
Intelligences: (1, 2)

Activity 3: Self Portrait
Hand the students a copy of the oval handout. Have students fill in their outlines as a self-portrait. Have students label their faces in German. Allow students to use dictionaries and German books if needed.
Intelligences: (2)

Activity 4: Group Descriptions
Magazine pictures
Have students divide up into 5 equal groups
Ask students to complete their worksheet as a group.
When they are finished filling out the worksheet, have students present their pictures to the rest of the class, using their German words whenever possible.
Intelligences: (5)

Activity 5: Self-Evaluation
Have students fill out a self-evaluation which includes what they learned and what they would like to learn next time.
Intelligences: (6)

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