How to Write a Law Memorandum

Legal memos are documents used by lawyers, attorneys, solicitors for a company, on behalf of the company or internally where they write a legal summary about a case at hand. The situation can vary from company to company or within a firm. The memorandum basically acts as a legally binding document and has to be sanctioned by a lawyer and the official recipient of the same. Most legal memorandums usually need a lawyer to review and edit if necessary. If you want to learn how to write a law memorandum then follow these simple guidelines to help get you started.


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    This refers to the actual statement or the tangible existence of a situation which can be written in the form of a question. This need not be detailed, but must provide a reasonable description about the situation. You will then be providing a short answer to that issue, which is backed by law. Remember that everything should be phrased accordingly and you will have to use all of the appropriate legal terms and definitions.

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    Statement of facts

    This will lay out the issues as they have been reported and verified. The latter refers to the notion that the facts are backed by various or more than one source and cannot be tampered with. They are actual statements of fact. These statements should be clear and concise without any sort of vague language or confusing terminology.

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    You will then need to analyze facts. This is the main body where you will clearly state the incident. For instance, if you are looking at a robbery which took place at your office. You will clearly state the members involved, what was taken and names of the witnesses. All these facts will be listed with certain other specifics. It is very important that you have all the facts down properly. Make sure you have the names and dates written down correctly as this is a law memorandum and it can make a difference if you make a mistake in this part.

    Then the whole situation will be analysed from a legal perspective. You will be providing proper citations, precedents and statutes. Always do your research to ensure that you have listed everything down properly with a legal framework.

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    The final section will include recommendations, where lawyers will provide concluding remarks on the case.  They will then hand out recommendations which will be based solely on legal judgements. The purpose of a legal memorandum is to base conclusions on neutral evaluations rather than a lawyer’s own opinion. It is important that everything is concise and there should not be any sort of ambiguity in the law memorandum.

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