Difference Between Modular and Manufactured Homes

Modular and manufactured homes are usually confused for each other. However, people should be aware of the fact that there are massive differences between the two such as factors affecting their construction, price, foundation, resale value and look. Both types of homes are not identical at all. Manufactured homes are built on the site and are 320 square feet in size. On the other hand, modular homes are made beforehand and then transported to the desired site on trucks. Remember they are not towed as there is a danger of breakage in the house because of the material use on them. Make sure you know that the difference in both types of homes is in the site construction.


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    Modular Homes

    These kinds of homes are constructed in a factory. Moreover, once you start to build them, sections are made first on the site and then joined together to form a home. This will appear just like the normal home. Interestingly, they cannot be differentiated from traditional homes when fully made and transported to the location of your choice. Also they are very costly as they need a lot of labour to complete the home, and we all know more labour means higher costs of construction. Modular homes are easy to make and can be built with any kind of foundation such as slab and basement. Lastly, they have the quality of gaining price edge and prove to be profitable for land developers as they retain their market value just like traditional homes.

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    Manufactured Homes

    Manufactured homes are also made in a factory but the way they are built is quite complicated. They are transported to the site when they are almost done, and the final settings are made once it has reached its location. They have trailer or box like designs and appearances because they are shipped when almost done. The cost of these types of homes is not at all costly as they do not require much labour work. Therefore, they are a cheap option and the best alternative for working class people. They are designed for all kinds of foundation except for a crawlspace because there is a chassis with wheels below them. However, resale value is never going to be good for manufactured homes as mobile homes depreciate in value with the passage of time in mostly all cases, but still they provide convenience for a lot of people.

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