Golf Instruction by Golf Headquarters in St. Louis

There are few things in this world that are healthy for your mind and body than golfing. This sport was invented by the Scottish and is absolutely a wonderful getaway from the everyday worries and stresses of the everyday world. So you want to play golf, but you don’t exactly know how? Well, don’t be distraught about your lack of knowledge of this amazing sport, there is a place where you can go to learn all of the secrets of the game so you can become the best golfer possible.

So if you live in St. Louis, Missouri and want to learn from professional golfers on how to play an amazing game of golf, than you absolutely must go to Golf Headquarters of Saint Louis. Golf Headquarters of Saint Louis is one store out of 180 golf specialty retail outlets throughout the entire nation. At Golf Headquarters they are home to one of the areas best golf academy. Their teams of instructors have developed programs suitable for all levels of players. Their programs are an absolutely amazing experience for the student due to the fact that they are completely individualized and personalized by the instructor for the wide array of students that attend their academy. Both of their Golf Academy locations offer classes that are available to students in an either personalized one-on-one lesson or in-group sessions. Both of these types of lessons use in-depth video and computer analysis to enhance the learning process of the students. Golf Headquarters Golf Academy hires only the most advanced and professional instructors.

One of the more popular classes that they offer potential students is the Golf 101 course. This course is for beginners, seniors, and individuals coming back to this amazingly wonderful game. They have two amazing instructors: Heath Anderson which is a PGA Teaching Professional and J.J. Swindle which is an LPGA Teaching Professional. So with these instructors you will absolutely have an absolutely wonderful experience and you as a student will grow leaps and bounds with their instruction. The Golf 101 course is designed to be an exciting and fun way to learn the fundamentals of golf. This clinic will include instruction on the correct way to hold the golf club, to make an easier swing, proper stance and better balance, correct way to aim a target, some exercises to strengthen your body and mind. The student will learn how to putt, do a short game, and beginning of how to swing the driver to success. The cost of this course is only $50.00 per student. So whether you are just beginning or are wanting to learn more about the game, the Golf Headquarters Golf Academy is the place for you.


Golf Headquarters Golf Academy
Family Golfplex Highway K
O’Fallon, MO 63304
Tel: 636-240-0458

Golf Headquarter Golf Academy Location Two
3717 Tree Court Ind. Blvd.
Kirkwood, MO 63122
Tel: 636-861-2500

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