Difference between Molasses and Treacle

Molasses and Treacle are two different types of sugar but many remain confused and think that both are the same. Sugar is an important part of our daily diet. Our bodies need sugar to remain healthy and keep our systems running smoothly. Without sugar, our lives will not be that sweet. Along with these two types of sugar, there are also few types including golden syrup, molasses, treacle, common sugar and caster sugar which are also used by many but we will only discuss Molasses and Treacle and try to give the right information about these two. Molasses is dark and thick type of sugar extracted from sugarcane while Treacle is also extracted from sugarcane but it is processed after boiling several times. The main difference is in the way these two are processed as they both come from the same source of sugarcane.


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    The thick and dark coloured sugar is called molasses which is processed after extracted from sugarcane. Its liquid is quite thick as compare to other types of sugar. It is also important to mention that the consistency and dark thick colour of this sugar is linked with the amount of pressure employed on the sugarcane during the extraction process. The age of sugarcane and the overall making of sugar process are also directly linked with the colour of the sugar. It is also important to remember that molasses was used as a primary sugar source in the past. It was common to use molasses to sweeten everything before the more refined sugars began to be produced a few years ago. Even today, many recipes still ask for molasses as this type of sugar is thick and extremely sweet.

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    The sugar which comes after process of extraction from sugarcane and then boiling it several times is called treacle. The fast boiling of sugar juice makes the syrup sweeter. Having high content of sugar in treacle, this syrup is very popular in US and several European countries. The professionals however, take great care while boiling the juice. They do not want that the sugar should taste bitter as extreme boiling can turn the taste slightly bitter. The process of crystallization starts once the syrup is fully boiled. You also need to understand that this sugar is very popular in health conscious people. In UK alone, a large set of people use this sugar as a health supplement.

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