What Is Cyberspace Defense Operations

Cyberspace Defense Operations are activities carried out in cyberspace in order to thwart attacks and risks against data, websites, portals and hosting platforms, etc. Cyber-attack can be launched from anyone—an individual bent on causing harm to valuable data available on a website or an adversary wanting to corrupt files and software in state-run entities of a country. As a result of the attack, essential information available online is removed, files are corrupted, and confidential data of companies, government can be stolen.


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    Purpose of Cyberspace Defense Operations

    The purpose of any Cyberspace Defense Operation is simple: to guard against threats and attacks on Internet freedom. The Internet freedom is not only in the interest of government-run departments and entities, but privately-owned organizations and corporate sector are also the beneficiary of Internet freedom. Government and large organizations keeps highly confidential data and information in the form online storage.

    Due to the importance of such data and files, anyone—a person, international groups involved in cyber crime, and even anti-state actors, can break in the important data resources and do millions of dollars of damage. Cyberspace Defense Operations are not a one-off activity, officials employed to minimize cyber threats have to constantly make sure that there are no loopholes and lapses in the cyber defense system.

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    Who carries out Cyberspace Defense Operations

    Cyber Defense Operations are carried out by IT experts who specialize in cyber defense techniques and are usually employed by the state or government. In the past few years, several important websites and data resources (both in the government and private sector) in the United States have come under cyber-attack, causing the affected sites to face huge losses of essential data. However, most of the times, experts are smart enough to minimize the threat and remove malicious programs from the affected sites.

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    What are some of the biggest threats

    Cyber attack can come in several forms and dealing with it effectively is the most important thing for experts assigned to handle it and the affected website. Usually, miscreants or people involved in cyber warfare use viruses, worms and Trojan horses in the attack, trying to disrupt the operations and functions of a website.

    Viruses: Self-replicating programs that can reproduce themselves. Viruses are the most common weapon used by cyber attackers, as they typically spread from one program to another automatically. Viruses account for most of the severe cyber-attacks in the world.

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