Make the Most of Your Years in College

So, you’re off to college! Congratulations! You’re about to embark on some very intense years of learning and new experiences that can potentially shape your future. Your college experience can be really amazing. Here is some advice for making the most of your college experience while you have the opportunity.

College is designed as a place where you can try new things. So, take advantage of opportunities to try courses in areas you’ve never tried, but always wanted to. Take at least one class per quarter or semester that’s just for personal enrichment. It may not be a part of your major area, but it will enrich you as a person to follow your interests. Colleges have many different electives and courses to try just for fun, so be sure and have one in your schedule at all times. Some courses may be a part of a major that is not yours.

Others may be just recreational, such as dance, yoga or even the game of bridge. Maybe you need an English credit. Instead of taking a basic English 101 course, consider an alternative such as Irony, for example. Try Botany, instead of basic Science. Take a Philosophy course such as Science and Religion, or Philosophy of Sex and Love. Broaden your mind! College is the time to take advantage of all you can learn. Make your college experience your own learning experience.

Other opportunities will come your way in college. Some opportunities will include travel. Go! See all that you can! Study abroad, if you have the chance. Or, just take a weekend trip into a big city with friends. Experience life. Just stay away from anything you know would be harmful or illegal, or both. When I was a Sophomore, I was walking back from a class one day and the Army ROTC class was practicing repelling off the top of one of the school buildings. They were offering anyone who wanted to try it to come up and try it. So, I did. Now I can say I’ve repelled from the top of a building before. Have you? There are so many ways to make the most of your college experience.

Maybe you’re thinking of rushing a fraternity or sorority. You will have that opportunity. Just never let your explorations and outside activities take the place of your study time. Gaining new experiences and making friends is a part of the college experience, but always remember that doing well in your courses comes first. First and foremost, your college experience is for learning.

Working during college is fine, as long as you don’t let your studies suffer. I think that working during college helps you stay responsible, and it is a great source for that pizza money you’ll be wanting. Work-study or work on campus jobs are the best kinds of jobs, usually. Check the job board in your college’s administrative office. When I was in college, I had a job working as stage crew for visiting productions.

As a result, I got to meet famous performers, and also didn’t have to buy tickets to events. When you’re making money and paying your own way for things, you don’t have to hit up your parents for money so often. Your college experience is your own – make it great!

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