What Should You Do If Your Child’s Teacher Tells You They Need Basic Skills Class

The first thing is not to overreact to the situation. Some parents tend to take this as someone telling them that their child has some sort of disability, but this is actually very far from the facts. What exactly is a basic skills class? It is where your child will get one on one instruction from a teacher to help them in any areas of difficulty. For example if your child’s teacher discover’s that your child is having difficult in math or reading, then they will take them out of their normal class maybe once or twice a week in order to give them some personal instruction. Many educators feel that this is a good way to prevent your child from falling behind in the class.

You should keep in mind that all children learn at very different paces and speeds. It also may be difficult for your child to learn in a large group environment. There are things that you can do to further assist not only your child but the teacher as well. First of all take the time to speak with the basic skills teacher. She will be able to tell you exactly where your child is having difficulty and what you can do to help. There may be some workbooks that you can purchase that may help, or maybe some daily activities that will help your child to better understand the concepts that they are currently working on at school. This will obviously mean a lot more work on your part, but if it means helping your child to further their education then it is definitely worth the effort.

Also make sure that you stay in touch with your child’s teacher and with the basic skills instructor. Monitor the progress that they are making very closely. This will help you and the teachers to determine what works best when it comes to helping your child to learn. If you think that your child needs a basic skills class and they are not currently in one, then you should take the time to talk to your child’s teacher and see if this program is offered in their school. If the school does offer this type of program then they will probably want to test your child and see exactly what area’s they need help in. Remember that the school is there to educate your child and to help them. The best thing for you to do is work hand in hand with the school. This will help to give your child the opportunity to make the most out of their education.

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