Bartending Schools in Philadelphia that Offer Hands on Training

Philadelphia has quite few different bartending schools throughout the city. Bartending schools can vary greatly in what they have to offer at their facilities. It is important to choose a bartending school that can give you hands on professional training. Bartending is a very physical job; so learning from a book sitting at a desk is not necessarily the most efficient way to get a complete education.

A good bartending facility should have a full functioning bar. You should find functional kegs, taps, ice machines, sinks, and cash registers. If you are new to bartending you are definitely going to want to ask your school how hands on your experience at their school will be. Are there certain hours you will have free access to the bar area so you can practice? This is important to know. Confidence is a big part of bartending. You are not only selling drinks on the job, but selling yourself as well. Good customer service is a must at any job. Being able to interact with the customer while preparing their drink for them while they watch can be a little intimidating.

Here is a selection of local bartending school in the Philadelphia area. Plan ahead and schedule a tour of their facilities before you decide which school you will be attending. Make sure to confirm when the practice bar will be available to students.

Authentic Bartending School of Pennsylvania offers their students a fully functioning bar area. Classes are taught here and students are allowed to participate in a very hands on learning style. Students will learn everything from how to make a drink shaken and not stirred to industry lingo like what “on the rocks” means. Class sizes are generally kept small, but they can fluctuate depending on interest at the time. Authentic Bartending School of Pennsylvania is located at 201 Spring Garden Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 19123. They can be reached at (215) 922-0799.

Main Line Center for Bartending Inc. is located at 4400 Baker Street, Manayunk, Pennsylvania, 19127, about five minutes outside Philadelphia. Students are offered a variety of classroom and hands on training that ultimately leads to a complete understanding of bartending. Main Line Center for Bartending Inc. specializes in teaching their students about Mixology, the art of mixing ingredients to create a unique and tasteful beverage. This instruction allows students to have confidence in mixing different ingredients that compliment each other. They can be reached at (215) 487-1229.

Classes at the Bartending Institute generally last about six weeks. You can take condensed classes in order to graduate at a faster pace. They have a modern facility that has a fully functioning bar training area for current students. Hands on training is permitted during class times, but you will need to get permission to practice on the bar at other times. Bartending Institute is located at 7708 City Avenue, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 19151. They can be reached at (215) 878-1300.

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