What is a Money Order and How Does It Work

Money transfer is one of popular services across the world and the good thing is that the service is far better than the traditional way to send money through mailing service.

Money order is one of the most demanded and common banking service. The service fee may arise depending upon the amount and the destination where you need to send the money.

Nowadays, money transfer has become an easy, convenient and quick task. Your money is transferred as soon as you fill the documents before sending the money through popular services such as Western Union etc.


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    You need to come to any convenient bank with the copy of your passport, residence certificate, military ID or an original national identity card. The banking service confirms your identity through these documents and makes a record for the transaction.

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    If you are a resident of the country and want to make a transfer, you have to carry a declaration on the import of currency from abroad.

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    To make a transfer, you must complete a form, which asks about your country, city, and if necessary, the item of payment in which the recipient will be able to pick up your translation and the amount of transfer that is filled with both numbers and words.

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    You have to provide full name of the recipient, which is listed on his/her passport, address including street number, house or apartment number and the name of the area provided by the state of the country.

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    The operator is obliged to give a copy of your completed form. The copy of the form must be filled in a unique order number, which consists of ten digits. Without this code, the recipient will not be able to get the money.

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    Go to any branch of a commercial bank-teller and tell the cashier that you want to send cash money. If you have an account in that bank the cashier will ask you to fill a voucher. The voucher contains necessary information about the sender and the recipient.

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