English: The Language of Business

With increased use of informative technologies, learning English for non-native speakers has become easier than traditional methods. Chinese, Russian, or any non-native English speaker can actually learn English with a native English speaker through Skype.

Learning English through Skype can be fun if you have a great teacher. You definitely do not want to learn English with a teacher who will bore you. Teachers expect to be paid well. However, students need to research his or her teacher to make sure the English teacher is qualified to teach. Well paid and experienced fun teachers will bring you the confidence you deserve to learn English.

The best way for a non-native speaker to learn English is to have many conversations and stories, preferably to each individual’s needs. For example, if the student likes to play sports, then the teacher should speak about the sport the student likes. If the teacher is lacking knowledge in sports, then the teacher needs to do some research and also ask the student questions. Teachers learn, too. Obviously, you want to learn the alphabet, all phonetic sounds, and a few key phrases.

All great English teaching websites who offer you Skype lessons should give you at least one free lesson. Why? You want to have a feel for your teacher. Also, great sites have more than one English teacher and each teacher should have a profile with experiences listed. This gives you, the student, a better choice. During a free lesson, teachers should understand all your needs through your conversation.

If you do not speak any English and you are translating this page into another language, but want to learn English, there are sites who offer non-native speakers from your country who are fluent in English. Once you get past the beginning stages, then you should begin speaking with a native speaker. Thanks to Skype, English is now possible to learn through video worldwide.

My passion is education and travel. If you are serious about learning English, whether you are a beginner or advanced student of any age, comment below and I will point you in the right direction. Of course, you can do a few Google searches and find what suits you best.

Remember, when you become bilingual and you have English fluency, getting a great job is quite simple. Good luck!!!

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