The Top Entertainment in Plainview Long Island

Plainview is centrally located on Long Island and occupies about 8 square miles. It is nestled against Old Bethpage and has access to all the major highways of Long Island. Plainview’s claim to fame was its lucrative cucumber farming which supplied the Heinz Company with its major source of pickles in the early 1900’s. Unfortunately, blight wiped out its main economic support of cucumbers and it changed the face of Plainview, which eventually grew into a varied community with many new businesses.

Plainview has one of the best libraries in Nassau County. In fact the library’s beautiful auditorium is so popular in the community that there is a high demand for tickets for the various programs held there. Such demand, that the Plainview-Old Bethpage Public Library had to establish a ticket lottery to give a fair chance to community members to obtain tickets to popular shows and events. Prior to establishing this lottery system, the people most likely to get tickets were those who were willing and able to stand on a long line for hours. Now, however, when event dates and times are announced, residents can enter the ticket lottery and hope they get a chance a couple of tickets.

To visit the Plainview-Old Bethpage Public Library web site check out this link:

The address of the Plainview-Old Bethpage Public Library is 999 Old Country Road Plainview, New York 11803 Telephone: 516-938-0077

To learn more about Plainview and its fascinating history, check out this book at their library:
“Our Town: Life in Plainview-Old Bethpage 1600 Through Tomorrow,” by Richard Koubek, published in 1987.

To learn more about the history of Plainview online visit Newsday’s extensive series

Plainview: A Holy Place for LI’s Indians,0,6458689.story


Long Island Fencing Academy

Plainview has a noteworthy fencing school called Long Island Fencing Academy. They have introductory classes for children of all ages, with fun names like Swashbuckler Class, Buccaneer Class, Musketeer Foil Class and Musketeer Sabre Class. If you are new to fencing or want to observe a class, the Long Island Fencing Academy welcomes parents and children to watch an introductory class before deciding to enroll. Adult instruction and private classes are also available. Whether you want to improve your fencing skills, and learn the etiquette of the sport or teach your child good sportsmanship, or compete at a higher level, then Long Island Fencing Academy in Plainview is the place to go. On Friday Nights they have Friday Night fencing which is a popular training day, much like a pick up game. It takes place between 6 and 8:30 pm. There is a $10 floor fee for non-members and free for IFA members. You can visit their website to learn more about their various programs for different ages and levels of experience as well as follow links to the history and rules of the sport of fencing by visiting this link:

For map and directions to Plainview visit this link:

The telephone number for the Long Island Fencing Academy is (516) 576-0646

Greater Long Island Runners Club in Plainview

The Greater Long Island Runners Club, formerly known as the Plainview-Old Bethpage Roadrunners Club, is the largest runners club on Long Island. It is also Long Island’s most active running club, which includes members from all over Nassau and Suffolk County and beyond. They have monthly meetings, special educational programs, and clinics and regular group runs and track workouts for runners of all ages and training levels. If you have any interest in running then visit their website for more information on their full calendar of events.

If you love Golden Retrievers you can adopt a dog through the Long Island Golden Retriever Rescue which is located in Plainview.

Long Island Golden Retriever Rescue
PO Box 566
Plainview, New York 11803

Plainview has great shopping and lots of little restaurants and don’t forget to bowl when you come to Plainview by visiting the Plainview Bowling Center on 500 Old Bethpage Road. The telephone number is (516) 433-9595

How many times have you passed Plainview on the Long Island Expressway? It’s time to exit and enjoy what awaits you in this wonderful community!

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