What Is Public Policy And Why Is It Important

A public policy is the list of those points of considerations on which the laws are formed. In order to protect the rights of the public and define their role in the development and betterment of society, pubic policies are defined. It just not only helps in forming the public and societal laws but it also assists in shaping up the penalties accordingly. The public policy does not focus on a single aspect but it covers the society as a whole and ensures that everyone follows it.


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    Significance of Public Policy

    No one can understand the importance of implementing and renewing public policies. However, the extent of policies practiced can vary from country to country. Generally, the developed countries are believed to have strict public policies and penalties as compared to the underdeveloped countries. If there is lack of public policy, then there is a high probability that the general public will take the matter into their own hands and do what they think is right. In order to improve the system and betterment of everyone, it is important that the country should have a strong public policy. These policies are not used to outline the laws only but to address the issues of general public and society.

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    Impact of Public Policy

    Most of the developing countries underestimate the importance of redefining public policies. You must note that it is of reasonable importance that a country has strict public laws. For this, they must take into consideration the current laws, decision and pubic programs to improve the system. The public policy of any country has a deep impact on its economy, defence and national security. Not to mention that, the health, education and sports of a country are also highly dependent on public policy.

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    Should address all issues

    It is of considerable importance that the government defines a public policy that addresses all the relevant issue of general public and society. It should be kept in mind that a well-defined public policy not only helps the country in prospering but it also ensures the quality of rights. Of course the purpose of the law is to ensure transparency and equality among everyone, thus you must never leave any issue unaddressed. A government should define a public policy keeping in mind the individuals, society, corporations and agencies.

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