Difference Between Fate and Destiny Philosophy

There has always been a discussion throughout history on what matters most in a person’s life. Is it fate or is it destiny. While there may not be any scientific way of proving these things that definitely do play a major part in determining where our lives are headed, there are many philosophies by scholars that have come and go that deal with how fate and destiny are differentiated and how they affect our wellbeing altogether.

When talking about destiny, it is that part of an unknown reality that can be very well determined by ourselves. This is done through our previous actions and something many people like to associate with it known as karma.

Others go on to say that destiny is decided either on the actions done by us in the past lives and past events I this life due to the quality of free will that we possess. It is not always easy to determine what our destinies will be but we can only hope for the best and continue doing good.

Fate on the other hand is something that is known to be predetermined and unchangeable. It is the will of God or any other supernatural entity that you may or may not believe in. Fate is ultimately beyond the control of humans and can be regarded as predetermining the course of how events will come about in our lives. It cannot be avoided as well, which is why we need to make the best of it at every turn and corner.


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    A set of predetermined events within your life that are shaped by taking an active course is known as destiny. This is the part of our lives that the philosophy of destiny makes us believe.  Much like karma, it depends on what you have done in the past and whether those actions were considered to be good or not.

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    That aspect of our lives that we do not seem to have control over can be termed to be fate. Even though both terms refer to our future, fate is a more mystery to us because it can turn out for worse or better and not being dependent on our past actions makes it even more confusing. It seems to have been divinely planned and in each and every case, the best should be wished for because it may help you in getting out of a bad time.

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