Difference between Gyros and Souvlaki

Greeks have a rich history which makes their country one of the most popular holiday destinations in the world. People love to go to Greece to see and experience all the history that it has to offer. Like other aspects of their living, Greeks have their own special foods as well.

There are many restaurants all over the world that offer Greek food. Once you get hooked on to it, it is not easy to let go. Two of their most famous dishes include the Gyro and the Souvlaki. These are both dishes that are made of different kinds of meat and people enjoy them the world over.

There are certain differences between the two dishes. The gyro is generally made of beef whereas the souvlaki can be made from beef, chicken, mutton and lamb meat. However, this depends on the particular area where you are buying this tasty Greek food.

Gyro is delicacy and is served as a main dish and is a traditional meal whereas the Souvlaki is a fast food dish which is not considered to be a main dish for lunch or dinner.

The gyro is made from long strips of meat that are thinly cut whereas the souvlaki is made from the meat that is cut in the shape of cubes.


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    It is one of the tastiest dishes in the world. The meat generally has a fair amount of fat which adds to the taste.  A number of herbs are used in the preparation which add to the flavour of the gyro. Sauces are used to make this dish irresistible. Butter is also used in the preparation process.

    There are slight variations to the gyro depending on which country you live. In most cases local flavours are added to the traditional recipe to cater to the particular area. For example in the US, a gyro will be less spicy then if it was prepared in the Indian Subcontinent. The ability to adapt to different local tastes is what makes the gyro so popular around the world.

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    Souvlaki is made by cutting the meat into one inch cubes which is then marinated with olive oil and lemon juice along with thyme, oregano and other Greek spices. The meat is left in the marinate for the night.

    Next morning it is prepared on charcoal and the serving is done with a lot of vegetables and is sprinkled with salt and vegetables.

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