10 most ridiculous insurance claims ever

Insurance plays a predominant role in saving life for many people. It is your responsibility to use it in a prudent way.  Most people are very gentle and genuine, where they don’t claim for pathetic happening. However there are many people who really try all those nonsense ways to suck the maximum money from the insurance company.  Trying to be stupid and making nonsense claims will even shudder your life and result to imprisonment. Here are some silly and ridiculous insurance claims ever:


  • 1

    Cow Lick

    A couple planned their vacation to Southern France. During their trip they filed the insurance claim for paint, while the crowd of cows licked their card.

  • 2

    Slip and fall of Isabel Parker

    Isabel Parker confessed to slip and fall on different locations. After making it around 49 times, she made an insurance claim of about million dollars. However the money didn’t accept this claim.

  • 3

    Marc Thompson’s malicious fire raise

    Marc fired his house when his 90 years old mom was inside for collecting $730,000 insurance claim. Now, he has been placed behind the bars for 190 years.

  • 4

    Thieving Monkeys

    When a couple vacationing to Malaysia, their bag was stolen and found the clothes being scattered in the jungle. This was done by the thieving monkeys and they claimed insurance for this event. Of course the company accepted to get over this loss.

  • 5

    Sleep and Drive

    Fortis insurance company paid around 44 million dollar while Grey Hart turned asleep while riding and killed around 10 people.

  • 6

    Parachute troubles

    A family took a vacation to England and unfortunately a parachutist drove down on their equipments and destroyed most of the things. They claimed to cover insurance amount for the damages however the company refused to pay for the damages.

  • 7

    Snowy sports

    Snow sports are not really the safest one. This is why insurance companies always spend around 100 million dollars during the winter times.

  • 8

    Mouse in soup

    A Virginian woman claimed a case against Cracker Barrel after seeing a mouse in the soup she took. A complete inspection was made by the health inspectors and found that there is no cheese in the mouse lungs and hence it is not cooked by the restaurant people. Only the lady has put the mouse in the soup and she has been subjected to imprisonment.

  • 9

    Wet Wedding

    While the bride’s dress grabbed on fire, his future mate through her into the water. Though the wedding was not taken place as per the plan, the insurance company paid for the meals and dress arranged.

  • 10

    Camel hit

    A man took a vacation to Australia and he filed an insurance claim for his car being hit by a camel suddenly. The insurance company was not ready to accept and pay the claim amount first however they confirmed everything through a video and where forced to pay the claim amount.

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