Difference between Lemonade and Pink Lemonade

Summer is just around the corner and it can really drain all the energy out of a person. The heat is not the only issue and the perspiration that accompanies it can take important salts out of the body which can be dangerous in the long run.

There are traditional drinks and juices in each culture that help a person to recover from such losses and remain healthy. They also provide a lot of relief from the heat and you definitely feel better after consuming these.

Traditionally, lemon has been used in such drinks that is used to cool a person down. Lemons are also used on their own in a drink which is generally known as lemonade.

It is a part of almost all cultures as lemon is used with water and sugar to provide some much needed relief. There is also pink lemonade which is quite popular. It is similar to the traditional lemonade but has certain differences as well.

Lemonade is made from water, lemon juice and sugar whereas in pink lemonade, juices of cranberry, strawberry or red grape fruit may be added.

Similarly, lemonade is generally presented in its natural colour whereas artificial colour is added to pink lemonade.


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    Lemonade is generally not carbonated though there are some variations available in the market where manufacturers have added carbonated water to slightly alter the taste. In some countries, traditional lemonade is made even more healthy by adding a pinch of salt which helps the body fight the loss of electrolytes due to perspiration.

    Lemonade does not have any artificial additives and is extremely healthy. It is low in calories and a person can consume a decent quantity without worrying about any ill effects on the health of the person. However, lemonade should not be overly filled with sugar.

    Lemonade is also a great source of Vitamin C which is essential for the body as it is also known to help in weight loss.

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    Pink Lemonade

    It is a slightly different version of traditional lemonade. Sometimes carbonated water or various juices are added to increase flavour. There are additives included which are not very good for your health.

    The taste is good and it does provide relief when a person is feeling the heat. Pink lemonade flavour may not be for everyone as it can be rather sweet with a sharp taste. Kids really enjoy pink lemonade as it adds some colour to their drinks.

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