Difference Between Toner and Ink

The advancements in digital technology has made it easier to keep records as one does not need to have large amounts of paperwork filed and kept in offices anymore. All that is needed is to have them stored digitally so that you can print them at anytime they may be needed.

This has not only reduced the amount of space that is needed but also significantly reduces the cost of the stationery that organisations used to purchase. The latest printers make sure that whenever a document is needed, it can be done without much trouble and in good time.

There are many kinds of printers that are used in the offices including inkjet and laser printers. They have their specific inks so that they can print any type of document that is needed. The speed and technique used to place their ink on paper is what sets the two apart.

Printer ink and toner are two of the most common kinds that are used. Both of them perform the same task but go about it in a fairly different manner. In case of ink, it is sent to the paper as per the instructions of the program and once it settles on the paper, it quickly dries up.

On the other hand, toner is based on powder which is put down on the paper with the help of a laser.


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    These are used in laser printers as well as in the fax machines. The powder in the toner is saved in a chamber called the hopper. The printing process takes place by electromagnetic charge that is created on the drum. The toner gets attracted to the charge and melts with the help of the fuser on paper, making the required image or text on paper.

    The laser printer has the fastest speed and is commonly used in offices as well as in homes. This type of printer is quite economical and very durable to handle large loads of printing.

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    Ink is a major component in the current generation of inkjet printers that are available. There are four kinds of inks that are put in the printers, each in a designated area of the cartridge. Once the printing process starts, the ink is released as per the needs of the job.

    The speed of the inkjet printer is pretty fast but laser printers are much quicker overall. The ink in the printer’s cartridge can be refilled quite easily as well.

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