7 cities in the world with most skyscrapers

Do you really wonder what exactly skyscrapers are? Well, there is no exact definition for the word skyscraper but it is generally described as tall buildings. In the earlier days, you could only find few cities with tall buildings. Amsterdam measuring 40 meters height is one of the best skyscrapers. Now the trend has been changed and you can easily find tall buildings measuring several 100 meters. Here are some 10 cities which has real high rises.

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Hong Kong with 2354

New York with 794   


  • 1

    Hong Kong with 2354

    Hong Kong has plenty of high raised buildings and it is approximately estimated that the city has 2354 buildings with at least 100 meters in height. Hong Kong is also one of the huge populated city in the world.

  • 2

    New York with 794       

    New York is most popularly known for its tall beautiful buildings. The Empire State building, The Chrysler Building, World Trade Center and Rockefeller Centre are some of the popular skyscrapers in NYC. You can at least find 794 tall buildings with 100 meters height in the New York City.

  • 3

    Dubai with 403

    Dubai Skyline is the best and tallest building across the world and it measures about 828 meter in height. You can also find 403 other high raised buildings with at least 100 meters height.

  • 4

    Chicago with 341

    The Skyline of Chicago is one of the best and high raised skyscrapers in Chicago. Other popular building will include Willis Tower with 424 meter height and it is claimed as the tallest building in the year till the year 1998. Also this building was the highest one in America till the year 2012.

  • 5

    Bangkok with 355 skyscrapers

    Bangkok is the connecting hub of Thailand and also it is the capital city of Thai too. All activities in the country are made through Bangkok and the approximate population is casted around 9 million people. Bangkok has 355 tall and high raised buildings in order to give space to the dwellers residing in Bangkok.

  • 6

    Guangzhou with 295 tall buildings

    Guangzhou is the popular and as well the largest city in China. It lies within Macau and Hong Kong. The Guangzhou West Tower measures around 438 meters in height and also this is the tallest skyscraper in the city.

  • 7

    Kuala Lumpur with 244 skyscrapers

    Kuala Lumpur is one of the best place to visit and has many tall and high raised buildings within the city. Petronas Towers is the most popular building in Kuala Lumpur and it covers 425 meters height and also this is the tallest high raised building in the world. This is not alone the only high raised building, whereby you can find more than 244 buildings that is raised over 100 meters height.

  • 8

    Seoul with 282 tall buildings

    Being the capital city of South Korea, Seoul is one of the largest city with 10 million dwellers residing in. For giving place to all those inhabitants, almost 282 tall buildings were raised in the city. Among the many IFC, Mok-Dong Hyperion and Tower Palace are the popular and well-known high-raised buildings.

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