Difference Between Tasmanian Devil and Wolverine

The Tasmanian devil and the wolverine are two different animals, and the distinctions between the two are fairly significant. They are sometimes mistaken as the same animal because of the colour of their fur and their characteristically large heads – however, there are several traits and features that set them apart.

While the Tasmanian devil is roughly the size of a small dog, the wolverine is larger in size, and can grow to be as big as a medium or large dog.  Owing to their size and a number of other features, wolverines are not very good at climbing trees; on the other hand, the Tasmanian devil does not face any problems in this regard, and can climb up tress with ease.

While there are many distinct differences between the two, both animals have the capacity to generate the strongest bite per unit body mass. These animals also have notoriously bad tempers; they should not be disturbed, and if necessary,  should be approached with caution.


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    Tasmanian Devil

    This medium sized mammal is native to the island of Tasmania in Australia. The Tasmanian devil is famous for its unusually irritating howling, which can be fairly unsettling for some. These animals can weigh around 13 kilograms and can grow up to lengths of 65 centimetres. While it might look like a small dog, it is stocky and muscular in appearance, and is mostly black in colour, with some specimens sporting an additional white stripe on the chest. Contrary to their small size, these animals have a very strong and ferocious bite. In order to generate these extremely strong bites, they have large heads, along with forelimbs than are longer than their hind limbs. Their non-retractable claws give them the power to climb trees with ease.

    Fish are one of their prime targets as these animals are very good swimmers.  To check whether a Tasmanian devil is healthy or not, you need to observe the tail which will be thicker, containing more fat as compared to that of an unhealthy animal. These animals have a long tail, and are known for having a strong sense of smell and a pungent odour. They generally like to eat alone; however, when there is enough food to share, they can end up eating together. They are ferocious while eating, and make plenty of irritating noises. They are nocturnal hunters and prefer to lead solitary lives. With a life span of around eight years, Tasmanian devils are the largest living carnivorous marsupials.

    Image courtesy: s3.hubimg.com

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    Wolverines are weasels, and they belong to the Mustelidae family, of which they are the largest living animal. They are naturally found in North America, Asia and Europe. This mammal has a stocky and muscular body, and it weighs around 25 kilograms. Wolverines resemble medium-to-large sized dogs, reaching lengths of up to 67 to 108 centimetres. These animals have very small tails as compared to the mass of their body. One prominent difference in between the members of this species is that their females are bigger than their males. These animals have large paws which help them walk on snow easily. In order to spot a wolverine, you have to focus on the animal’s broad head, rounded ears, small eyes, and legs.

    Image courtesy: animals.nationalgeographic.com

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