Difference Between Apes and Monkeys

Humans have been studying animals for ages now in order to understand their behaviour and the reasons behind them. Monkeys have been in the forefront of this research and a lot of information has been acquired as today we have a much better understanding of the primates than we had a hundred years back.

Monkeys and apes are both primates and are often considered to be similar. There are certain traits that are similar but they are actually much different from each other. Both have similar physical abilities and can use their flexibility and move at a great speed but the amount of difference in the mental capabilities is quite a lot.

The monkeys are not very intelligent and can sometimes be nuisance to those around them. On the other hand, apes have shown a lot of mental ability and have the ability to learn a lot of things.


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    The monkeys have specific physical attributes. Their nasal cavity is slanted, their feet are webbed and have a body size that is much different from humans. The posture is not upright and thought they can move just on their feet, they use all four limbs to be able to add speed. The structure of their hands is quite different from that of humans.

    The level of intelligence in the monkeys is quite low and therefore, they often wreak havoc at whatever they are targeting. This can be a simple fruit basket or any fields that they invade. They are mostly used for experiments that are related to their physical attributes.

    - Image Courtesy: animals.nationalgeographic.com

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    Apes have physical features that are similar to humans. Their nasal cavity is round, their feet are not webbed and have a body size similar to humans as well as having hands similar to humans. They are somewhat upright in comparison to monkeys.

    They are quite intelligent and it has been seen that they can learn a lot and can operate simple machinery with ease. In certain experiment it has been found that they can actually operate complex machinery and may even be able to operate a computer to some extent.

    - Image Courtesy: babelsdawn.com

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