Difference Between Hid and Xenon

Just like many other appliances, lamps have so many different types. And it is up to you to decide which one is better for your home or office. It is no hidden reality that the use of an appropriate lamp could beautify the place to a great deal.

HID and Xenon are two different kinds of lamps. The biggest difference is how they function. HID is not a conventional lamp, but a special type. Any lamp that produces bright lamp and lasts longer can be cited as HID. On the other hand, Xenon is a subtype of HID. A lamp that contains gas instead of other alternatives is called Xenon.

The HID lamps need warm-up to produce the maximum light, whereas the Xenon ones don’t require any factor of this nature. Xenon holds the edge when it comes to produce light. These bulbs quickly reach the full brightness unlike HID that require time to get hot enough. Another advantage of the Xenon light fixtures is that they stimulate the daylight in a way better fashion as compared to the HID lamps.

However, the Xenon lamps are not all about advantages, as there are a few drawbacks as well. Unlike the HID lamps, these lamps require high voltage in order to operate. It may even require voltages as high as 30 thousands to start the arc across the electrodes. Although some of the HID lamps do need high voltages, but not as high as the Xenon lamps.

Another difference between these two lamps is the inside pressure. The pressure inside a Xenon bulb may exceed 100 atmospheres at times, which means that you may face an explosion if the bulb breaks. On the other hand, a HID lamp does not cause that much damage when its enclosure fails.


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    HID stands for High Intensity Discharge. It is not a lamp, but a type of lamps. It means that there are various light fixtures that can be termed as HID ones. But it entirely depends on construction and the material of the bulb. Since these lamps produce great brightness at a given power rating, they are best for the outdoor applications.

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    These lamps work entirely on the basis of gas. It offers multiple advantage as compared to the typical incandescent and fluorescent lamps. The biggest advantage is that this lamp starts producing maximum light as soon as you push the power button. Using them might prove an expensive activity, as they need high voltage to start with.

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