What Does Ethernet Do And How Does It Work

Ethernet is a method that by using cables and other sophisticated technological tools connects a number of systems to a network. It works as a connection between computers and forms basis of most local area networks (LAN). The method uses cards, cables and adapters for taking a shape of network. The systems in a network are connected with a hub through Ethernet cable and Internet connection between them makes possible data communication between the systems through networking.


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    In simple terms Ethernet serves as connection between computers within a networking environment either through local area network (LAN) or internet to make the possibility of data communication between these computers real.

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    Ethernet is based on Ethernet cables, Ethernet adapters, Ethernet cards and now Ethernet routers and hub. All these accessories are used in computer networking and Ethernet is the main technology that makes networking a real possibility.

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    The original idea of the Ethernet technology was and is connection of several computers through a hub to a network station and then by using different methods make sure that these systems can communicate with each other.

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    In the networking, Ethernet cables, which contain several wires in them, are used to connect to hub and then connect several systems to it. The Ethernet cables has capability to transfer data to both directions at the same time. Now Ethernet wireless technology has made possible data communication without cables and hub. The system within a network can communicate over the internet.

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    In the Internet, the Ethernet connects to a modem and thus data is transferred to different systems. The development in the Ethernet technology has made possible data communication through even more sophisticated means.

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    Ethernet cards need the system to meet certain specifications. The Ethernet hardware will not accept a system if it is not configured for the use of Ethernet card or adapters. You can update Ethernet card drivers and software online on a regular basis.

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    Ethernet products and tools are manufactured by different companies. However, Nokia Siemens Networks, a joint project of Nokia and Siemens companies, are the main known manufacturers of the Ethernet products.

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