Resources for Home Schooling

Between two and three million children are home schooled in the United States and for many parents teaching children at home is preferable to sending them to public or private schools. With the emergence of the Internet parents were given more access to lesson plans and educational resources to insure their children got the most out of their education. For those who are interested in teaching their children from the privacy and security of home getting started is not as difficult as you might think.

Each state has different rules and regulation on home schooling, some require the parent teaching the child to have a college degree but many do not. In order to find out the laws in your state you can either search your states website or go to your local courthouse or government center. Most government centers and courthouses keep all the necessary paperwork that needs to be filed so that you can home school your child.

The states government will also provide you with the curricula and lesson plans that need to be taught as well as the evaluations that will be required. Even though the children are being home schooled they will need to keep up with required vaccinations and have them documented. The state will inform you of the necessary vaccinations and most of them can be received at the local health department for a fraction of the price charged by doctor’s offices and other clinics.

While the process of home schooling a child is not as difficult as one might think it is important that one follow the guidelines set by your state. Utilize the resources provided by public libraries, courthouses, and government centers rather than individually owned and operated web sites. While the individuals running these sites mean well and are usually well informed the slightest piece of incorrect information can negatively effect the education of your child.

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