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Whether you are a kindergartener or a college senior, everyone needs some kind of help with their homework. Most students usually try to find assistance using the internet. However, with so many websites on the internet it is hard to find ones that are actually helpful. Here are my personal top 5 websites for students to use to help them with their school work.

Number 5-
Have you ever written an essay or paper for a class and get stuck on how to format your bibliography? Well this website will actually format it for you and the best part is it’s FREE. So instead of spending extra time in formatting your bibliography all you have to do is type in the information on the website like the author, publisher, copy write, and etc and then press the submit button. In the matter of seconds the website will give you you’re bibliography and after that it is a simple copy and paste job onto your easy.

Number 4 –
You’re teacher assigns you a novel to read like Hamlet, or Great Gatsby but you either don’t have a lot of time or the novel can be difficult for you to understand. Well students you don’t need to worry because there is a website that can help. is a website that offers in-depth online study guides for all kinds of books. So no matter what level you are in you’re education this site can help. The study guides include summaries of each chapter, analysis of characters and themes, and other helpful information. The website also offers preparation for the ACT, and SAT tests.

Number 3 –
Are you one of those students that are better in writing and reading then trying to solve math equations? Well don’t worry if you need help because this next website can be very useful. is a website that can offer assistance in solving math problems of all kinds. This math website offers assistance in basic math like addition and subtraction to helping students with calculus and advance topics. Depending on what math subject you are studying for this website offers definitions, explanations, examples, and equations. This site is very detailed and descriptive and also shows you step by step on how to solve problems that are similar to your homework. So when you are stuck on a math problem and have no one to ask for help you can go to this website and solve it yourself.

Number 2 –
Many students go to their school library for assistance on their homework, but what if you either can’t go or don’t have a school library? Well this website is similar to a school library reference desk. is probably one of the most informative websites on the internet, and has so many resources that can help you with any homework assignment. This website is not just a search engine but so much more. You can access the news, history topics, vocabulary words, science facts, and almost any subject you can think of. The website also offers a homework section as well. So instead of going all the way down to your public library you can just access this public online reference desk instead.

Number 1 –
Do you have a subject or topic that you need to research but don’t know where to find some good sources? Well this next website will help you with that. is similar to an Encyclopedia but 100 times better. On this site you just type in the keyword(s) you are researching and press enter and the website will then give you results with detailed descriptions.

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