Sugar and Brain Chemistry Experiment

Sugar is considered to be something that has a lot to do with functioning of a human brain. During the exams, it is advised that students should eat and drink things that have a high sugar content. Similarly, pilots of high speed jet planes (fighter aircraft) have to eat sweets before they go for a routine flight to keep their sugar level in control. This gives rise to the question that how can sugar affect the functioning of a human brain? Investigating this may prove to be a good experiment/project for those who are looking for ideas for a Science project. This is a simple experiment that involves conduction of an I.Q test but as a primary school student, you are advised to conduct it under adult supervision. Remember that it will take at least one day for you to come with final results from the experiment.


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    When I did my sugar experiment I was looking to answer certain questions, some of which I have listed below:

    Can sugar lead to a natural form of addiction.

    Does Sugar activate brain pathways similar to addictive drugs?

    Why and when do you crave sugar?

    Sugar releases opioids and dopamine, which can have addictive potential.

    I bet it will be easy for you to get people to happily participate in your sugar experiment.  Follow the steps and have fun.

    Gather participants

    Gather a few participants, who can be your friends or class fellows, to take part in the experiment. Make sure all the participants are available for two consecutive days.

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    Divide participants in groups

    Divide the participants in two groups and clearly inform them that they have to keep track of everything they eat during the the next 24 hours.

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    The NO-Sugar Group

    Instruct one group not to eat anything that has sugar content. This will be done for 24 hours that the experiment is in process.

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    The other group

    Tell the other group to eat things which have a high sugar content. This can include candies, desserts or ice creams. They will have to stick to this diet plan for 24 hours too.

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    Recording after 24 hours

    Gather the groups after 24 hours and ask them to make a list of all the items they have eaten till now. Try to calculate the sugar level for each participant based on the type of food they ate.

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    The I.Q Test

    Conduct an I.Q test and a test related to focus levels. It will be observed that participants who ate food which had a high sugar content will perform better.

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