Application Information for College

There are various deadlines and each college is unique. Deadlines for Colleges among the following schools are as follows:

Binghamton : Dec 1
GW Dec 1
Syracuse: Jan 1
Hamilton college : Jan. 1 free application fee
Boston U. Jan 1
American U. : Jan 15 free application fee

Most colleges that you send an application to will require that you submit to them a check or money order to first look at yuor application. For example, Binghamton University has a $40 application fee that you need to submit to the university with the rest of your paperwork.

Supplementary writing pieces: Suplementary writing pieces are required for many private schools. The university wants to see your ability to write well and if you can think creatively. For example, George Washington’s essay topic is to write in under 500 words why you want to attend GW. The supplementary writing topics are really easy but you must put effort into them and show creativity and originality and you must be able to separate yourself from the crowd.

A similar topic from Boston University was: How did you become interested in BU? This was a short answer format and required only one paragraph with a few sentences on the subject. Many schools in today’s technological era allow you to submit your application online. Many schools like Boston University allow you to submit it electronically or through the mail.

One of the most common applications for colleges is called “The Common Application.” This application is the same for over 100 colleges and you can submit it to as many colleges that you are interested provided that you pay the fee. A school that uses the Common Application is American University and the great thing is that for this university, you don’t have to pay an application fee to apply.

Some schools use the short answer supplementary format or they will give you medium answer questions that take a few parapgraphs or even a full page to answer. For Syracuse University you have to answer three medium answer questions and mail them all together with the common application and supplement

Sample topics on the Syracuse University supplementary piece were:

1. please write your career and academic aspirations
2. select two ideas of the Syracuse compact and how they relate to your personal beliefs and convictions
3. if applying to six year accelerated law option, write statement addressing your interest in the field

As I have already stated, colleges all have different requirements and it is important that you log onto teir website or read each brochure and information letter carefully so that you submit every part of the application. For Hamilton College you can use the common application and Hamilton requires a supplement. The supplementary piece directions were as follows:

1.Supplement- must enclose expository prose of assignment in school. Describe assignment on separate piece of paper and attach photocopy of work w/ teacher’s grade and comments. Submit either analytical essay, book review, or research paper. Should be at least two type written pages.

2. write reasons for applying to Hamilton College.
Application fee waived w/ submission of application online

Good luck with your college applications!

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