How to Get a Teaching License in Minnesota

The state of Minnesota always pays great respect to qualified people, especially if they choose teaching as their profession. Minnesota has a programme called “No Child Left Behind,” which requires educators to be highly qualified and verified by the state. In order to teach anywhere in Minnesota you will be required to obtain a teaching license. It is not a difficult procedure but does take a little time and effort on your part.


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    In order to apply for a teaching license, you will have to provide a fingerprinting card and authorise the concerned government department to confirm your identity. You will have to complete the fingerprinting process before you apply for certification, as the card is attached with your application.

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    Now you need to acquire and fill the Verification of Completion of a State Approved Licensure Program form. In this form, you will have to enter all your education credentials. If you completed your collegiate or university level studies out of Minnesota, then you will have to contact the licensing board and check for the out of the state programmes that you can opt for.

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    In order to get a teaching license in Minnesota, you also have to appear in the Praxis I and II tests. Make sure that you sign up or register to take these tests. There is no equivalent test that you can take to skip this, as it is compulsory for every first timer. To prepare for the tests, you can search for the study material online.

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    Once you are done with clearing the test, you will be required to create a packet of all the required documents listed on the application form and send it to the Minnesota Department of Education.

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    If you have a teacher’s license and you recently taught in another state, then you can also consider meeting with Alternative Assessment Specialist from the Department of Education. In this case, you will have to present your portfolio in the form of your certifications, projects you worked on, achievements and lessons.

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    You will be required to submit all the paperwork within 60 days, or your fee will be lost, along with removal of your application from the consideration list.

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