How to Evaluate the Cost of a Private Education

Whether you want to send your child to a primary or secondary school, there are financial factors to keep in mind as you evaluate the cost of a private education. It is a common observation that a majority of parents who put their children in private schools spend a lot of money on tuition fee and on other related costs. In order to properly evaluate the cost of a private education, carefully follow the instructions mentioned in this article.


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    First of all, you need to make a proper list of potential schools where you would like your child to pursue his/her studies. You can start your evaluation by listing down the tuition fee for each institution you shortlist. Add your child's required book purchases and supplies to this amount and call the schools to ask for an estimate.

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    Add the cost of any extracurricular activities in which your child would like to participate. Private schools often have a variety of clubs and activities, ranging from artistic endeavours to dance instructions. Calculate the sum of these fees on your list.

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    Decide if your child will attend a boarding school. If you choose this route, the school will provide room and boarding for your child and charge you a flat rate. In addition, they may suggest an allowance for your child each week. When considering a boarding school, remember the extra expenses - bedspreads, rugs, a television, MP3 player and other items your child will take to school.

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    Factor in the cost of a school uniform, if required. When determining this cost, remember that you will probably be purchasing less casual clothes for your child. Usually every school has reserved funds to facilitate people who cannot afford the fees or dues of the institute.

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    Contact your State's Board of Education, which will provide complete information regarding all programs that are beneficial for deserving students. Find out if there are voucher programs in place to help you pay for the costs.

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    Consider homeschooling as a private education choice. If your financial condition is not that good and you cannot afford a private institution, then you have to take the initiative to provide your children quality education at home.

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