College Writing Experience

Writing is a task that I have become accustomed to after years of practice in high school and college. My strength as a writer is my ability to go into great detail and length about a topic. I tend to keep my language in writing essays or short answers simple and easy to understand. My weaknesses as a writer are several which I would like to improve upon in this class. In my essays and writing I have a habit of repeating what I am saying. I also have difficulty with my concluding paragraphs in that I don’t bring the paper to a full circle from its introductory paragraph.Ã?¯Ã?¿Ã?½

Since the first semester of college in September, I have had to work on several different types of writing styles such as essays, shopping lists and journal entry paragraphs. My term paper for my philosophy class required me to write a seven page essay on the morality of drugs and cigarettes. I had to compare and contrast the opinions on the subject matter by two prominent philosophers we had discussed in class. My cinema class assignment consisted of making journal entry data of the various elements that make up a film. After watching several movies, I had to write about several shots and scenes in the film. Finally, I had to create a shopping list of items I needed to buy at the mall for this new semester.�¯�¿�½

I have mixed emotions about the process of writing. My excitement or enjoyment in writing comes in the subject matter that I have to write about. I enjoy writing the most about topics that deal with my own personal life or a topic that I can relate to on a personal level. I love writing about topics which let me be creative because it lets me express myself through my writing.�¯�¿�½

Most college students who aren’t English majors don’t take English classes unless they are required. However in almost any career or field, English and writing is vital to most jobs. For example if you want to be a lawyer you need to know how to write well and deliver your point across. Most English classes, especially in college allow students to be creative and have fun with the writing assignments. If you see classes such as these where you can really get a lot out of the class and enjoy the time spent during the semester in the class, it will be well worth taking that class.

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