What Does a Personal Trainer Do

For many people, being a personal trainer is all about having a good, healthy body and being able to help others to achieve the same results in a limited period of time while making a ton of money doing it. Unfortunately, it is not that simple and most personal trainers, if not all, probably do wish that was the case.

Being a personal trainer is a hard work because every client you work with will have different needs, wants, shapes and sizes and the same exercise routine and training program will work for everyone. Personal trainers need to know how to handle different people, help them achieve their tasks while keeping it inside their budgets at the same time.


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    The very first job of a personal trainer is the need to assess the client that they will be working with. A simple interview is done in this case which will allow the trainer to get a bigger picture of what the client’s lifestyle is really all about. Different clients will have a different level of fitness, do different things throughout the day and not all changes in lifestyle will or may be suitable for everyone.  These assessment meetings do not take long for the personal trainer to get the required idea, and may take up to 2-3 sessions.

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    Educating a client is the first and foremost thing every personal trainer does and should opt towards doing first. Most clients are confused as to why they may not be reaching their target weight and what it is that they are doing wrong, which is where the personal trainer comes into the scene and can really make the difference between a confused person and a happy customer. Not educating the client on why they will be performing specific exercises and why in various intervals will only kill off any commitment that they may have had to the program to start off with.

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    Nutrition is one of those topics that we still do not seem to be able to understand, which is why the experts come into the scene here. Personal trainers may not be nutritionists, but they do know from years of experience and the proper education, how certain food will affect different people in different ways. It is crucial that the client be kept up to date at every step of the process and it is duty of the personal trainer to ensure that they both really are on the same page.

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