What Does a Geek Squad Double Agent Do

Geek Squad is a sub-organization of Best Buy, which is one of the most popular and largest shopping stores in the United States of America. It is a task force, which is dedicated to solve the technology related challenges.

Geek Squad is comprised of highly trained computing agents and home entertainment installers. Geek Squad Double Agents are experienced technology experts, who play a huge role in creating awareness at the Best Buy stores. The double agents are also assigned different areas, where they patrol and help people embrace technology, thus making the best use of it.

In stores, the double agents also help the customers choose the best products according to their specific needs. However, the double agents spend most of their time in the field, helping the Best Buy customers at their doorsteps.


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    Educate the customers

    The prime responsibility of the double agents is to educate the customers about different products and latest technology. Apart from letting the customers know about the benefits of different products, the double agents help them use it efficiently.

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    Facilitate the clients

    An important part of the job of the double agents is to facilitate the customers in buying products and upgrading them whenever required. If you are facing problems in installing a software or a hardware, a double agent can come to your rescue and can save you from a lot of headache. These services are provided at the stores as well as at homes and offices.

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    Coach the clients

    Usage of technology can be quite complicated at times, which is the reason why the double agents coach the Best Buy customers and give them all the necessary details about the purchased product. This helps the consumers use a computer or other forms of technology in a correct manner and make the most of what they have spent.

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    Patrolling in the area

    Every Double Agent is assigned a specific area and it is his or her job to spend almost 70 percent of the time in the field. This is just to make sure that high-quality services can be provided to the clients in a very short span of time.

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    Provide documentation

    Another important job of a double agent is to provide all the necessary documents to the clients and help them read instructions.

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