What is Direct Marketing and Its Types

Marketing is one of the most essential components of a business enterprise. It is involved in nearly all the stages of product development starting from where the needs of the target market are sensed through research. The final process of course is to make the product the accessible to target market and attract them towards it. This stage of attracting the market towards the product has many marketing strategies. Direct marketing is one of those strategies. Just as the name suggests, this marketing technique includes contacting the potential customer directly through different marketing means. Our step by step guide explains in detail the concept of direct marketing and its different types.


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    What is direct marketing?

    Direct marketing allows companies to get into personal touch with their potential customers. The benefit of this kind of marketing is that you get to know your customer’s views first hand. However, at times direct marketing types like telemarketing may be considered as evading the privacy of clients which can create a negative image for the brand.

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    Representatives of the company call up potential customer’s numbers and present them their marketing pitch (offer). If any customer is interested, they inform them of the buying procedure and payment. This method is effective but can prove costly with every phone call. Telemarketing can at times be annoying for customers when done at inappropriate times or when they are busy.

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    Emails are widely used for direct marketing, for being low cost and expressive. You can also add product pictures to the emails to increase authenticity and also to give the customer more options to make a decision. Email is more privacy respectful because the customer can check it at his own convenience. Email is a one way communication method and it is hard to gauge the customer response that you can do in telemarketing.

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    Direct mail marketing:

    Brochures and catalogues of companies are sent to home and business addresses using the mail. Direct mail can also prove expensive, depending on the weight and frequency of mails.

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    Door to door marketing:

    Salesman representing their companies visit homes and offices and present their product. The one huge advantage this method is that the company gets to know customer feedback instantly. The presence of a representative from the company increases credibility. Salesmen should have the abilities to persuade others to purchase their product so that sales are larger. Most salesmen get paid according to the sales they make.

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