Difference Between Temperature and Humidity

Temperature and humidity are two things that many people consider as a single thing. Actually the two sets of things are different and have many differences in between them. The difference between the two may be very small and can be considered as minor, but these can bring a fair amount of changes in the calculations that are based on the two things.  The aspect of temperature and humidity are both things that are dependent on the weather and attribute towards it. There are four weathers in total and very few countries are the ones who can be called lucky. They can be termed as lucky as they get to experience all the four types of weathers. Asian countries normally get the best weather all around the globes as when we move towards Europe, the cold factor increases and the weather can be made as in-tolerable. Temperature is defined as the degree of hotness or coldness of a place. The temperature of a place changes daily and it is the climate of a certain and specific area that is attributed to give a fair reflection of the weather of the place over the course of a longer period of time. The climate of a place usually is based over researches over a period of almost 30 years and it is fair reflection of the temperature and the weather of the lace over the passage of such a time period. The temperature of a place widely depends upon the time that the sun comes out and shines on the surface of the area. This definitely causes a rise in the overall temperature of the day of the place and this can then with time attribute towards a change in the climatic conditions of the place. Humidity is another thing. Many people believe that it is similar to the temperature of a place but in true, it has nothing to do with the temperature of the place. In fact, humidity is a totally separate thing and it is the amount and percentage of the water vapors that are present in the atmosphere of a place at a certain time.


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    Temperature is the degree of hotness of a place and a place which is subjected to more sun shine has a higher temperature value.

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    Humidity can be defined as the percentage of water vapor in the air of the place and is entirely different to the concept of temperature.

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