Difference between Geyser and Water Heater

Cold cannot be resisted easily and appropriate measures need to be taken on the matter if one has to avoid the general cold these days. Cold has a lot of problems with itself and for the people who experience it if all the appropriate measures are not taken in time. The colds of this world can be very irritating for the people who suffer from it and especially in the European countries, this cold tends to get a lot more severe than the other parts of the world and special things need to be taken care of so that the people can avoid the harmful and dangerous aspects of the cold. A geyser and a water heater are two different things that are made for the convenience of man. The function of both these things is to make man proof from cold. Cold can have devastating effects on the body of the people who are exposed to it and hence the geyser and water heater are almost installed in every home when the weather of cold arrives and people make us of these both things so that they and their families can be saved from this cold. Although both of these things make man adjustable to the common cold weather but their overall function is different somehow. The geyser serves the purpose of warming the water so that the people of the place can have access to warm water as the old water in these cold days is very hard to use by the people and they become reluctant to the usage of cold water. The water heater on the other hand has another task. It is kept in the rooms of the house in the cold weather and what it does is that water is used in it and the machinery f it warms the water and then the steam that is created by this is used to keep the house warm in cold.


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    A geyser runs on the mechanism of warming cold water. There is a burner inside this and it intakes cold water and then with the burner, it makes the water hot and then it is transported in the pipes of the house for general use by the residents of the place.

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    Water Heater:

    A water heater is installed in the common rooms of the house and it also takes in cold water but it boils this water and then the steam that is produced from this is used to keep the place warm.

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