Difference between Lager and Draught

Lager and draught are the two marketing terms commonly used to describe beer, the world’s most popular and highly consumed alcoholic beverage. Many people think that both lager and draught are the two terms used to market same product, but they are two distinct alcoholic beverages, from their fermentation to serving. The former is prepared using a cold-fermentation method, while the preparation of the latter involves warm-fermentation. This means that, in the preparation of draught beer, brewer’s yeast is fermented at higher temperatures (29 to 35 degrees Celsius) as compared to typical fermentation temperatures (15 to 24 degrees Celsius).

Lager, on the other hand is cool fermented, maintaining the lagering temperatures around 10 degrees Celsius. The foam produced by draught beer is much more than the foam formed by the lager. The former is stored and served from large casks and kegs while the latter is stored and served from beer bottles and cans.

Furthermore, draught beer is not pasteurized before being stored in casks and kegs, while lager is always pasteurized before it is canned or bottled, to kill the bacteria, if any, and increase its shelf life. Since draught beer is unpasteurized, it has to be kept at dark and cool places all the time.

Draft or draught beer is only served in pubs and other drink establishments, and is never served for take-away consumption. Lager beer, on the other hand, is widely available in bottles and cans, and can be enjoyed anywhere at any time. Moreover, draught beer is more flavourful and less expensive as compared to the German lager beer.


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    Lager is a German style beer, fermented and conditioned at low temperatures using bottom fermenting process. Lager beer is typically pale or golden in colour, with intense maltness, however, there are lager beers available that are in darker colours. Lager beer is the most versatile type of beer, and 90 percent of all the beer consumed in the world.

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    Draught Beer

    Draught or draft is a word that is used to describe the beer that is stored in large containers called casks or kegs. These kegs have a capacity of five gallons or more. This type of beer cannot be consumed at home, and you need to go to a pub or a bar to enjoy it.

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